Life to Life Sansthan Jodhpur

" Life to Life Sansthan Jodhpur" is a NGO for the poor class people specially slum areas.Slum children get educated and trained by the sansthan by taking classes in those areas only. Our team have a great work experience in the social field and it means that we know how to work and how to create a positive working atmosphere in tough condition in remote area. Life to Life Sansthan Jodhpur is an equal opportunity organization with legal certification as an NGO. We are dedicated to develop a transparent, democratic and systematic form of functioning among people's organizations and non-governmental organizations, to ensure their services are appropriate for the people, in their need, on time.

Our Aim

As we know that Bharat ( India ) needs lot of changes in social arena

so we decided to pick one issue that is to educate the children and poor people of slum areas. Also, sansthan performs many other social activities like blood donation camp, natural calamities relief fund collection, awareness of education etc.